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Every human being who breathes and lives, comes to crossroads in life when they face a form of challenge. Maybe they have lost confidence or self- esteem, become stuck and don’t know how to get out of a certain situation, they could be anxious, depressed, unable to come to terms with past traumatic events, have issues with relationships, career, parenting or any other challenge that stops them from moving forward in life. With the help of a Life coach, the individual can clear their blocks, set goals for themselves and work towards achieving them.

Life Coaching is goal orientated. It’s about guiding the client to manage the problem effectively, by using tools and techniques that have been tested and proven to work. It is not about giving advice.

A Life Coach is trained to ask powerful questions to get the client to think for themselves and work towards solutions. It is more like a journey together, step by step to get the client to achieve their goals. Therapy is more like counselling, exploring the client’s past and present life and how to change it. However during Life Coaching when appropriate, there is sometimes a need to do some therapy as well as mentoring.


My journey to become a Life Coach started in 2014 at a time when I had come to a cross road in my career path, I had suffered many losses of important people in my life over a period of five years. I was feeling rather deflated and started wondering about my purpose. After a weekend of group coaching, everything started to become clearer. Immediately after, I had a breakthrough in my career after struggling for years. Doors started to open. I wanted to give back to the wider world what I had benefited from. I discovered that I had all the qualities to become a coach myself. It was something I had already been doing for years without realising that it was having an impact on others. That's how resolved to train became a Level 5 Accredited Life Coach. My mission is to change the lives of as many people as I possible can.

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